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About the Method

Zoga Face Integration is part of the Zoga Movement trend, focusing on restoring balance
of tension and freedom of sliding relationships in the body. This ensures the possibility
of static and dynamic balance in gravity, increasing the efficiency of the body as a whole.
Zoga Face Integration is manual aesthetic modeling of the face and body using muscle
manipulation techniques that affect the client’s tissues to normalize myofascial tension in the
chest, epicranial aponeurosis, and facial muscles. The specialist’s task is to identify areas of
collagen density and movement restrictions of individual anatomical structures relative to each
other, determining how they affect areas of tension and skin crowding, thus effectively
influencing wrinkles and skin nourishment. Proper circulation nourishes the skin from the inside.
The method complements Structural Integration therapy, which aims to restore the proper
alignment of tissues with respect to the gravitational field.
This concept is for anyone who prefers effective and natural methods of rejuvenation. Zoga
Face Integration is significantly different from most available cosmetic massage methods. It is
characterized by a strong stimulus and spectacular rejuvenating, lifting, and therapeutic effects.
Zoga Face Integration was designed to support and achieve the goals of tissue balancing and
changing the organization of the myofascial system around the face.
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Zoga Face Integration is:
● Personalized individual therapy tailored to the needs of each client;
● Proper tension assessment – principles of diagnosis, appropriate palpation, and
comprehensive knowledge of anatomy;
● An effective tool for improving the elasticity and mobility of facial skin;
● A method for smoothing and sometimes even completely eliminating wrinkles.
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